Tomato leaves turning purple/black.

"Hi- I've got just one 'Better Boy' tomato in my vegetable garden, but I think I'm losing him. Everything started off nicely, it even looked better than my parents tomatoes. Now, the leaves are curling up on the edges and turning a dark purple color. The leaves and stems are turning that dead yellow color, and the flowers never turned into tomatoes. Earlier, I had some problems with flea beatles on the plant, but I haven't seen any more bugs on it. Can you tell me what's wrong? Thanks."
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Thanks for writing. Without being able to see your tomato in person, I can't positively identify the problem.

But it sounds as though your tomatoes have caught a disease called curly top virus. It causes young leaves to become distorted and turn a purplish color. (

Unfortunately, if this is the case, there's no cure for your tomato plant.

---Justin, Senior Garden Editor, "

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