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Tomato leaves curling

I have my tomatoes on the south side of the garage with bark covering a planter area with stone borders. My tomatoes leaves are curling and are growing crunched up. there are miniature roses and green peppers growing with them.
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Thanks for writing. There are actually several conditions that can cause tomato leaves to curl. The most common conditions are:
Environmental Stress --- such as too much water, too much fertilizer, or transplanting shock.
 Herbicide injury --- if any chemicals were sprayed nearby (by you or even your neighbors), they may have drifted onto your tomato plants.
  Disease -- viral diseases can also cause tomato leaves to curl. If your tomato plant is infected with a virus, the leaves will usually be mottled in color and the whole plant will appear stunted. (If it is a virus, the best thing you can do is throw the tomatoes in the trash and plant new ones in a different spot.)

---Justin, Senior Garden Editor, "

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