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tomato blossoms do not set fruit

"I have Brandywine tomatoes - they have many blossoms but no tomatoes small or any size. Some of the blossoms just break and fall off. I am growing them in bags of good garden soil on the ground, in a sunny position"
Submitted by BHGPhotoContest

Tomato plants can drop their blossoms for any of the following reasons: too high or too low temperatures, lack of pollinating insects, too much or too little nitrogen, too much or too little humidity, lack of water, or stress from insect or disease damage.
In your case, I would bet it's related to high or too low temperatures or a lack of pollinating insects. I'd try an artist's brush to see if you can pollinate the blossoms yourself by brushing pollen on the flowers. If that doesn't help I bet it's related to your local weather conditions.

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