Tomato and Pepper plants are wilting

We live in OK and after this excessive rain, these plants are wilting and look like they are dying. The leaves are turning brown on the edges and drying up. They are planted in a sunny location, in VERY sandy soil. They perked up during the rains and would start to wilt after the rains stopped. Now that the rains have stopped for two days, they don't seem to be recovering.
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It sounds like your plants aren't established enough to stand on their own without the frequent rainfall to baby their weak root systems. Ease their stress by mulching them with an organic mulch like compost, shredded leaves, or shredded cypress. Compost or shredded leaves will quickly improve the water-holding capacity of your sandy soil. Also, set up a sprinkler and water once or twice a week if the rainfall stops. Try to water deeply and infrequently so the roots will get better established.

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