Sod removal from garden area

I am putting in a 16x16 garden for both flowers and vegetables. That's too large an area to remove the sod. Do I just turn it into the soil and till in topsoil, compost and peat moss or do I kill the grass before I till. My concern with killing the grass is some of the grass/weed killers tell you not to spray in areas you want to plant in for at least four months. Thanks for your help!
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Unless you are going to build raised beds, you must completely kill all existing grass. Use an herbicide with glyphosate as the active ingredient (like Round-Up). Glyphosate does not live in the soil. You might need more than one application. Once all of the grass in your 16x16 area is dead, add 2-3 inches of composted matter into the top 6-8 inches of soil. Rake it smooth and cover it with mulch; just move the mulch aside to plant your flowers and veggies.

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