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Small Herb / Flower Prayer Garden

I have been asked to help create an herb / flower prayer garden in a very small area. It is probably 3 feet by 18 feet. What plants would go well together and last through out the year? The shelter is located in Los Angeles. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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"Fortunately, many herbs go well together and can be crammed in relatively small space. If you incorporate a raised bed into the equation (even a short one that's 6 inches tall), you can make up a rich, loose soil mix that will support more plants per square foot. This will reduce weeding, too, and as the herbs spill over the side of the raised bed, they will look all the better.

Some nice plants to include would be variegated sage, purple-leaf basil, oregano, variegated mint (you will have to trim this back more often because it grows rapidly), monarda (for height), assorted sedums, and your choice of annuals (I particularly like dusty miller and portulaca for low-care, long-season interest).

Luke Miller, editor
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