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Rhubarb, maybe getting to much rain???

My Rhubarb has looked sick since the first of June. I did get a good harvest before the leaves started to look yellow. I only pulled out about half to allow the plant to build up food reserves in the roots. Last fall, I put aged manure on it to about three inches thick. I did plant Crocuses around it last fall and that did work great, as the Rhubarb leaves cover up their foliage. We have gotten "lots" of rain all season. I put down Slugo as it also looks like something is eating it.
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Thanks for writing. I'm sorry, but without being able to see your plant, I can't say for sure what's wrong with it. This free service really isn't suited to diagnosing plant problems because in most cases, we'd need to be able to examine the plant to determine a cause.

That said, you might check in with the folks at your local cooperative extension office --- they should be able to help more if they can come out and take a look --- or if you can bring a sample leaf in for them to examine.

---Justin, Senior Garden Editor,

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