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raised garden vegatables

I want to make a 4X4 raised garden bed, but unsure which vegetables would be best to use.
Submitted by cyndeephelps

Hi, Well it really comes down to personal taste. However, in a small garden like yours, you probably want to steer clear of space-hogging crops such as cucumbers, squash, melons, sweet corn, pumpkins and large tomato varieties. Smaller crops such as lettuce, spinach, beans, Swiss chard, radish, and even a pepper and/or small tomato variety or two will fit in there. Again, it's all about what you like to eat and what you can fit in a 4x4 space. To help, you might want to go to the Garden Plans section of our website and look at all the vegetable garden plans we offer there. I'm sure you can find plenty of great planting ideas in that section of our website.

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For more space, think up. There are lots of ways to increase your planting square footage when considering vertical. One suggestion is making a pallet garden, then you can grow the veggies that require less soil depth such as lettuces and swiss chard, and some herb vertical using a pallet, and your root veggies and plants that need more soil depth in the ground. There is an example of one of these pallet gardens at Follow me on twitter @urbangardengirl
I too have been successful with the cukes on trellis frames for several years now. Also with cantelopes...I have tried the Mich mini variety and my neighbor grows the regular size. You can make a 'bed/hammock' for the growing cantelope itself out of old hankys or plastic netting from fruit/onion bags. He grows them around the fence of his garden but I have the 4 X 4 raised garden beds.
Submitted by jcarman687006
Just a quick note, you can grow cukes in a small space if you trellis them up. I have grown my cukes like that for two years now, and it works great. Bountiful harvest that are all evenly colored as well.
Submitted by beverlyreeve1964