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We have an urban back yard with two huge Silver Maple trees. At the back of the lot,there is full sun. We would like to build two raised beds for some vegetables.What type of wood is best for the sides of a raised bed . We are concerned about treated wood leaching chemicals into the soil.Would lawn fabric inhibit that if placed on the bottom and sides inside the structure? Thank you . I love your website.Alice
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Harmful chemicals including arsenic do leach from treated lumber into the soil, and you can't count on landscape fabric or plastic lining for protection. If possible, build the raised beds with stone.

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CONCRETE BLOCKS: They now make blocks that are 1/2 the size & weight of regular blocks. I used these to make my raised garden. Be sure to put the blocks close together so no soil can run out. I TILLED the area first, after adding peat moss (anything organic is fine). I then dug down a couple of inches where my blocks were laid and threw this dirt in the middle of each bed. I have placed black plastic & old carpet between the 4'x12' beds, to have a dry area to walk on.
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Untreated cedar which is commonly used for decks makes a safe alternative to treated lumber. I would love to know if composite lumber (often used for deck surfaces) have any downside for use in raised bed--other than price.
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