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Pumpkin flowers but no pumpkins

"I grew pumpkins and a hubbard squash from small plants that I bought at home depot. They grew well and produced many flowers but they were there one day and gone the next. It appears that something has just bitten them off but we have no deer in my area or fenced in yard...many squirrels and a skunk/oppossom or two. What could be getting the flowers?"
Submitted by BHGPhotoContest

Squash and pumpkin blossoms are tasty treats, and rabbits are probably devouring them. You might try to deter them with a motion sensor that turns on a sprinkler. Predator urine, available at your local garden center, will also work. You only need short-term protection for the blossoms; after the fruit starts to set, the critters will probably leave the plants alone.

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