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Plants helping each another

"I know some plants work better if planted with certain other's. Could which work best together?"
Submitted by BHGPhotoContest

While many people believe that planting certain veggies with others helps increase health and yields for both, I’ve never seen real evidence of this in my own garden. And we’ve seen little scientific research that supports it.

Still, many people practice companion planting and have advice on how to do it. Why don’t you go to our discussion groups and post a question there? Go to Garden Talk at Garden Talk has lots of friendly gardeners who will have lots of suggestions. Someone will no doubt point you toward the “Three Sisters” planting combination of corn, beans, and squash, as practiced by Native American gardeners.

Also, there are many books at the public library you can look at to get ideas. A couple of good ones are Carrots Love Tomatoes by Louise Riotte and How To Grow More Vegetables Than You Ever Thought Possible On Less Land Than You Can Imagine by John Jeavons.

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