planting old potatos

i have old potatos with sprouts on them will thay grow if planted? If so how is it done?
Submitted by carolbobc

Hi, If they have sprouts, they will most likely work. Most folks prefer to use seed potatoes from their garden center because they are certified disease resistant. Your home potatoes will grow, but no guarantee they won't develop problems down the line. If you want to plant them, cut them up leaving at least one or two 'eyes' on each piece. Then, make a trench in your garden about 6 inches deep. Then, place the cut potato pieces in the trench (cut side down) and cover with soil. Space the pieces about 18 inches apart. They should show themselves above ground very quickly and turn into bushes. As the plants get about 12 inches tall, "hill" them by adding more soil up against each plant. This gives the plants extra soil to develop potatoes in. By late summer, the potatoes will die back on their own. When all the foliage is brown and dried up, you can dig up your crop with a garden fork.

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