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No flowers or tomatoes on my Big Boy Tomatoe plants

I planted two Big Boy tomato plants about 5 weeks ago. They are growing fine. I have staked them but they do not have any flowers or tomatoes on them. I have watered them with Miracle Gro but the leaves are there but no flowers. What can I do? I live in Orlando, Florida.
Submitted by BHGPhotoContest

Be patient. You do not say which formulation of Miracle Gro you are using. There are several different formulations for different crops. Look for one specifically for tomatoes or for boosting flowers. The middle number on the formulation will be high such as 5-10-5. If the first number is high it will promote leafy growth rather than the flowers and then fruitsthat you want. Any fertilizer used for lawns will have a high first number. Fertilize and keep the plants well watered and I expect that you will have flowers developing before long.

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