Newer leaves on tomato and pepper plants are curly and small.

On some of my tomato and pepper plants, the newer leaves are misshapened, they are small and curly. What's up? Thanks! ~Terry Jo~
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The new leaves may be infested with aphids or infected with leaf curl virus. Look carefully for colonies of aphids on the new growth. The good news is that if your problem is aphids, they are fairly easy to control. Pinch off the damaged growth, and spray the plants regularly with a good flush from the hose to knock the insects off, or spray with insecticidal soap or a mild pesticide. Aphids are soft-bodied which makes them more susceptible to chemical controls than armored insects like scales. The bad news is that if you don't find any insects, you may have Tomato Yellow Leaf Curl Virus. The symptoms are leaf yellowing, curling- almost ruffled- leaves, and little or no flower or fruit set. The disease can also infect peppers and others plants, including beans and some garden flowers. If you think you have TYLCV, remove and destroy the infected plants.  The virus appears to be spread by whiteflies carrying it from infected weeds, so weed and whitefly control is important.

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