My habanero pepper blossoms never form fruit - can you help?

I am having a hard time with my habanero peppers. The blossoms never form fruit. They yellow and fall off. My Thai peppers are fine and are growing and producing right next to the habaneros. Can you help?
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Pepper blossom drop (often more severe in some varieties than others) is caused by temperature fluctuations during pollination. Normal pollination and fruit set fail to occur when nighttime temperatures fall below 58 F and daytime temperatures rise above 85 F. Below or above this range, the blossoms may fall off. If partial pollination occurs and fruit begins to set, the fruit often becomes misshapen or rough. Irrigating to cool the plants is one way to minimize this problem. Another method that helps to some degree is to hang shade cloth over the plants. Shading the plants with lath panels can help too.

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