Lots of blossoms, no pumpkins or squash

We are in zone 3, lake country and have sandy to loamy soil. Last year the pumpkin and squash vines were loaded with blossoms, but after the blossoms faded, there were only 4 pumkins and no squash. The pumpkins were small. Any suggestions on getting more and bigger pumpkins and at least some squash?
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Well your problems could be caused by two things: not enough pollinating insects and cool temperatures. These plants actually produce male and female flowers and the male flowers appear first and are more prevalent when the weather is cool. In fact, if it doesn't get hot enough where you are, it's possible the plants aren't producing female flowers at all. And, if you do get flowers, they need to be pollinated. If there are few bees or other pollinators in your area this could also be the problem. You can try using an artist's paintbrush to pollinate the plants yourself, but I do think the fact you live in zone 3 could be part of the problem. I'm betting you didn't get enough hot weather last year to develop a crop.

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