lettuce turns brown and dies

when i plant my lettuce and it is ready to eat it turns brown and starts dying. i have tried planting in different parts of my garden and it still does the same thing yet everything else grows well and i don't have any problems with my other vegetables. why would it do this and can i do something to stop this from happening again.
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I had this problem last year when I tried to grow lettuce in a container. That is actually a good thing to do, but my container got a little bit too much shade, so when I watered the lettuce, the leaves remained moist too long. Make sure your lettuce is in a sunny area with good drainage so the leaves dry quickly and the roots are not stressed. You might also sprinkle sand around the base of leaves to make sure the soil (and soil-borne diseases) are not splashed on the leaves during watering.

Luke Miller, editor

Garden Ideas & Outdoor Living magazine

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