Large black spots on tomatoes

I have two tomato plants in large planters since I have a very small garden. Finally I get a few small tomatoes and they have this horrible black spot in the bottom. I am using the Miracle Grow plant food and have covered the top soil with mulch to protect against dryness. They get plenty of water and sunlight so what can be the problem? Thank you so much for you help, e-mails and the terrific website. I love it.
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This sounds like blossom end rot which is commonly found on container-grown as well as inground tomatoes. It is mostly caused by uneven watering of the soil. Although you have covered the soil with mulch, it is possible that when the young fruits were in the developmental stage, the plants dried out, damaging the young fruit. Keep the plants evenly watered at all times and the problem should go away. The season is still young, so you should be getting more and more fruits along the way. To ensure good fruiting, hand pollinate the flowers with a watercolor brush, taking pollen from one flower to the next.

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