How to plant potatoes?

Do you make cuts from grown potatoes or is there seed /root? I was told to cut the ears off and plant them in the ground. Is there a certain thickness to cut? How deep in the ground? Can they be grown in a large containers?
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Yes, you can grow potatoes in large containers, but in the garden  you can grow them in rows, planted about 4 to 5 inches below the surface of the soil. Cut your potatoes so each piece has at least one ""eye"". Do not remove the eyes. There is no magic thickness, but I've had the best luck cutting smaller seed potatoes in half and larger ones in thirds. Then, place each piece into your trench, spacing them about 18 inches apart. Fill the trench and  you're done. As the potatoes grow you'll need to ""hill"" them with additional soil. I generally do that when my plants around about 8 to 10 inches tall. To learn more about potatoes you can read about them in our Plant Encyclopedia on this website."

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