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How should I plant potato seeds?

We'd like to try our hand at growing potatoes. I know I need to purchase seed potatoes, but a friend said to cut them in pieces before I plant them. How do I do this?
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Take a close look at your seed potato and notice the indentations, or eyes. Each of these eyes is capable of producing a potato plant. You can plant the potatoes without dividing them, but you can have more plants and a bigger harvest if you cut them up first. Using a kitchen knife, divide larger potatoes into small pieces. Slice each piece so it has one or more eyes. Cut smaller potatoes in half or leave them whole. Allow the cut surfaces to dry before planting them. Lay the pieces skin side up 12 inches apart in a 2-3-inch-deep furrow, and cover each piece with a 3-inch mound of soil. As the plants grow, add more soil around the bases, leaving much of the foliage showing to provide energy for the developing tubers.


Plant potatoes as early as one month before the last frost in your area. They're an easy crop to grow, and especially suitable for children. Small children can handle the seed potato pieces more easily than tiny seeds of other vegetables. They'll learn patience as they wait for the crop, and you can share their joy as they dig up the underground surprises.

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