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How can I take the best care of my berry plants?

When should I prune berry plants, and what should I treat the soil with to produce the most berries. Rasberries and blueberries. Can they be transplanted without damage?
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Thanks for writing. The best time to prune raspberries is in March or April. If you have good soil, you shouldn't need to add anything, though a little extra compost as a topdressing or mulch can help your plants.


For blueberries, you'll want to gradually trim out stems that are more than 7 or so years old --- but don't do it all at once. Remove one or two a year to give the plant a chance to send out more healthy new branches. Also: Try to remove side branches as necessary to keep the plant relatively open so there's good air flow. And, of course, be sure to prune out any dead or diseased branches.


---Justin, Senior Garden Editor,

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