Growing tomatoes from seed

"How do I save the seeds from this years tomatoes? My tomato crop has been the best ever this year and I would like to plant the same ones next summer. How do I go about drying the seeds and keeping them? I have done this in the past but I have forgotten the exact procedure. I would really appreciate your help. Thank you, Rhoda P.S. My plants are Ace Early Girl and Heirlooms"
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The gel-like coating around tomato seeds inhibits germination. To get around this, ferment the seeds first. Select large, disease-free fruits, and scoop out the seeds into a glass jar or bowl. If the seeds and pulp aren't very juicy, add some water. Allow the mixture to ferment for several days, or until a coating of mold forms on the surface. (It's normal for the fermenting mix to smell bad.) Once fully covered with mold, skim off the crust of mold, and wash the seeds in a sieve, removing any remaining pieces of pulp, if possible. Place the washed seeds on a paper plate to dry. When completely dry, store them in a cool dark place until  next year.

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