growing cucumbers in a raised bed

Can you give me a few suggestions for growing cucumbers in a raised bed so that they take up as little space as possible. Something upright, the size of the bed is 4'x10.' Thank you, Kathy
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Thanks for writing. Cucumbers are often broken into two categories; the traditional ones and the dwarf ones (or "bush" types). The bush types have a compact habit and don't take up nearly as much room --- often just 2 or so feet of space.


If you already have climbing types, you might look at putting up a piece of trellis or fencing on your raised bed; the vines should easily climb the trellis. This saves space, makes them easier to harvest, and can help prevent disease.


---Justin, Senior Garden Editor,

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I bought a cucumber 'salad bush' this year to put in a grow box,supposed to not need support.Dwarf vine about 15 in.long,6-8in.cukes, bought at white flower farm.
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