Green beans leaves eaten off...only stalks

"Could you possibly tell me what would eat the full leaves off my green bean plants and leave only the stalks standing? There is no evidence of partially eaten leaves on the ground or anything....only the bare stalks. I have tried sevin powder, aluminum pie plates and pin wheels to ward off any possible animals and am still having the problem. We outlined our entire garden with large marigolds again this year and never had this problem before. Help!!!"
Submitted by BHGPhotoContest

Well it's hard to say without seeing your garden, but to me, it sounds like rabbits. If you see no insects of any kind on your plants I""m betting you are being visited by rabbits at night."

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I have heard that leaving anything with a human scent around the garden will ward off the pesky bunnies. A friend told me to use human hair (she's a stylist.) The bunnies are offended by the human scent.
Submitted by lorri.russo