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Hi: When I prepared the ground for vegetable planting (tomatoes, green pepper, basil), I dug the holes at least a foot deep and wide, sprinkled fertilizer in the bottom of the hole, layered native soil, then topped soil with composted manure before putting in plants. I am picking tomatoes now, but will the plants need additional fertilizer for the remainder of the growing season (Knoxville TN)? Thanks for your help.
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It sounds like you did a good job amending the soil before you planted. Tomatoes, peppers, and basil will thrive in a soil that has a lot of organic matter, so mixing compost into the planting hole is a great idea. Additional chemical fertilizer is optional; some soils offer everything the plants need and other soils are nutrient deficient. You may want to have your soil tested at the local university extension service. As a general rule of thumb for tomatoes, peppers, and basil, you can fertilize monthly by scratching a couple of tablespoons full of pelletized fertilizer into the soil around each plant. Look for a fertilizer with a formulation of 5-10-5 or something similar.

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