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Does growing supersweet corn require any special care?

I like the flavor of supersweet sweet corn. Does it require any special care?
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High-sugar sweet corn may be either supersweet or sugary enhanced. The supersweet varieties have the "shrunken 2" gene, abbreviated "sh2." Sugary-enhanced varieties are designated "se." Look for these designations in seed catalogs or on seed packets. The reason they are sweeter than regular sweet corn is that sugars in these types of sweet corn are slower to convert to starch. One consideration in growing supersweet sweet corn cultivars is that they are slow to germinate and have reduced seedling vigor. Wait to plant until the soil has warmed to at least 60?F, and sow seeds shallowly.  

These sweeter corns should be isolated from other types of corn. Cross-pollination with regular sweet corn results in a starchy field-corn type of kernel. Plant at least 250 feet away from other types of corn. Another option is to stagger planting dates, or select cultivars that mature at different times so the tasseling periods don't overlap. Plant at least 2 weeks apart, or use varieties with at least 14 days' difference in maturity.

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