I am trying to grow cucumbers, (telegraph and marketmore varieties) from small grown pots that you can buy from the garden centre to repot, they seem to be struggling though, even though they are well watered, in a warm kitchen on a sunny windowsill and fed once a week as suggested. Any ideas what could be wrong? The 2 leaves on top have just wilted and there is no growth at all now :(
Submitted by nudul

Hi, It's hard to say exactly what's going on, but most vining crops such as cucumbers don't really like to be grown in small transplant pots. If you buy them this way, it's best to get them into the ground asap. I would suggest waiting until your weather is warm enough to plant them outdoors and then do so immediately. Or, plant seeds directly outdoors when the soil warms and/or cover them with a cloche or some other protection till things really warm up. They get really unhappy in small pots, especially if kept indoors on a windowsill.

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when do I know when to pick my cucumbers
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