cracks in my tomatoes

my tomatoes have developed circuler cracks around the stems while the bottom half is fine. I have used antifungal & pesticides for veggies. I water them well once at night Could the plants just be getting to the end of the season and aren't growing and producing well??
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Cracking of the fruit is generally an environmental cause. In most cases, it's caused by fast growth, followed by slow growth caused by inconsistent moisture and/or temperatures. For example, if your plants get a heavy rain and then they dry out, this can cause cracking. Same goes for temperature. If it's very hot during the day, but your nights cool down, this can also cause a cracking situation. Plus, some varieties are much more likely to crack than others. Old-fashioned, heirlooms do crack more than modern hybrids. The best, and only method, of control, I would suggest is to make sure your plants are mulched. The mulch will insure consistent moisture. There's not much you can do about temperature."

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