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container vegetable in veranda of second floor

"i would like to put vegetables in containers but I have my doubts. The area is facing the west I live in southern california "
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"We did a story on this in a recent issue of Garden Ideas & Outdoor Living. West-facing can be challenging because potted plants dry out faster and are more susceptible to the intense rays of the afternoon sun. Still, you should be able to grow some vegetables and many herbs. Make sure you use the biggest pots available, line them with newspaper to act as a blotter, and fill with good-quality potting mix and compost. You might also consider using saucers to collect excess water and keep the pots from drying out as quickly. You can grow tomatoes (look for 'Patio' or a similar smaller variety), hot and sweet peppers, and a number of sunloving herbs such as basil, parsley, sage and oregano.

Luke Miller, editor
Garden Ideas & Outdoor Living magazine"

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