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Container potato companion plants

I have planted various types of potatos in wooden crate containers on my back patio. I am wondering how large the above ground plant will be. Can I make use of the upper part of the containers to grow something without a huge root system, maybe something that can be grown on a trellis like beans or cucumbers? I wasn't sure if the potato foliage would choke out the seedlings or if the roots would disrupt the potato formation.

Submitted by jmgilestgw

You may be able to combine potatoes with a trellised vining crop such as cucumbers or beans. A lot depends on the size of the container. Basically the plants need just as much space in the container as they would growing in ground.

Answered by DSchrock
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As DSchrock said - it depends on the container - but if it is deep enough - you could easily plant beans, cabbage or even horseradish with your potatoes. Corn can also be done but tends to make removal of the potatoes a hassle if the corn stacks remain when you harvest the potatoes. I would not recommend cucumbers, tomatoes or any type of squash however as they tend to make potatoes more susceptible to blight.
Submitted by firelord_caine