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Can I grow vegetables in foam coolers?

I have a couple of foam coolers that I would like to paint and use as containers for vegetables. Is it safe to use foam containers and is there any special care to take before using them?
Submitted by BHGPhotoContest

Foam coolers are safe for direct contact with food products. There should be no ill effects from growing vegetables in them. You'll want to be sure to punch several drainage holes in the bottom of them so that water won't collect in them.

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If you do decide to do so, please consider NOT painting the foam cooler, because someday you will get to the point of being ready to discard it and if you have painted them then they can't be. If you have white expanded polystyrene (eps) foam coolers, just keep them that way and use them as you intend for growing vegetables. When the time comes, you can have them recycled. Good for the economy (recycling creates jobs) and good for the environment as they are reused.
Submitted by loboycoolers