Why are my cucumbers bitter?

I live in South Texas, planted seeds about 2 months ago, they have produced nice vines, and great amount of flowers. About 4 days ago I realized there was some cucumbers hiding under the vines. the Fruit was rather large about 12in long, very pale green to mostly white. I cut it open, seeds were intact, but fruit was very white. I took a taste of it.. Wow was that bitter and just plain nasty. I went out there and found about 6 more and all with similar characteristic. what gives?
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Bitterness in cucumbers is caused by natural compound produced by the cucumber. This compound tends to be produced in highest amounts when the plant is under stress, either from lack of water, excessive heat or poor nutrition (fertility). Keeping plants watered well and mulched should help prevent the problem. It also helps to grow varieties with less natural bitterness. Sweet Success, Sweet Slice, County Fair, Carmen, and Diva are a fewe to try. (Look for "bitter-free" in the description of the cucumber variety.)

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