big leaves, no squash

"We planted our yellow crookneck squash this year as usual and the plants are really beautiful with lots of blooms but very few squash. No sign of any borers yet. What could we have possibly done wrong??? We did have a lot of rain in the spring but now very little rain with the temp in the upper 90's could this be the problem????? We planted butternut squash this year and this seems to be the only thing doing good. But when do we pick one???"
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Well it depends on when you planted them. Squash generally produce all male flowers in the early part of the summer and only begin developing female flowers as the summer progresses. My guess is that if they are getting plenty of sun is that they will eventually set fruit. However, if the  temps remain in the high  90's this can cause blossoms to drop before fertilizing. Hopefully, your weather will level off and the plants will get back to doing what they are supposed to do."

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