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Are yams the same thing as sweet potatoes?

Are yams the same thing as sweet potatoes?
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Technically, they are not the same thing. Yams belong to the genus Dioscorea and are not even in the same family as sweet potatoes (Ipomoea). True yams are starchy tubers grown in tropical climates. They are not grown in the United States. However, sweet potatoes are often called yams, and the terms are commonly used interchangeably. The USDA requires that the term "yam" always be accompanied by the term "sweet potato."

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NO, that was not an answer, I was asking a question about the difference in yams & sweet potatoes! crs
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Over 30 years ago I had a chart from a magazine, that said yams had more nurtiants than sweet potatoes. Is that so? & are they the longer skinner one with the bright orange insides? To me that are not near as startchy as the fatter, yelloish sweet potatoes,or are they just different varties of the sweet potoatoes? crs
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