Alpaca manure as fertilizer?

Can I place fresh alpaca beans on a vegetable garden? I have read that alpaca droppings are safe to use directly to garden, but am concerned about any harm for human consumption. Thank you! Molly
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"From what I've read, alpaca manure is a great source of organic matter for gardens. (I've never tried it myself, though.) The alpaca digestive system is said to be very ""efficient"" at processing things, but the usual advice is to thoroughly compost any manure before using it on edible crops. If you have any hesitation at all about using it directly on the garden, run it through an active compost pile where the heat it produces should take care of any pathogens.

I'm sure there are alpaca people out there that will tell you they've used it for years with no problems on all kinds of gardens. You've got to act in a way that will give you peace of mind, though."

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