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Why won't my established "Cityline" variety of hydranges bloom?

I have 2 established hydrangeas, cityline variety, that do not bloom. They are planted in a bed in full sun. What can I do to make them bloom? This will be the 4th season I have them and they have never bloomed.
Submitted by dpeck523512640

Cityline hydrangeas bloom on old wood. If they are pruned late in the season or if winter cold kills their flower buds, they won't bloom the following year. Flower buds are less hardy than vegetative buds, so growth may look normal following a cold winter, but the plant may not bloom. Reblooming types of hydrangeas, such as Endless Summer and Forever and Ever avoid this problem because they bloom on new and old wood, so they can form flower buds on their new growth even if winter kills the first flush of flower buds.

Answered by DSchrock

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