Why does my winterberry shrub have black spots on its leaves?

My Winterberry shrub has red berries and the leaves have black spots. What is causing this and what can I do?
Submitted by mariecgilligan

There are many minor diseases that can affect foliage in the way you describe, and they often are of no consequence. Since Winterberry is deciduous, rake up the leaves after they fall and discard so that there are fewer spores overwintering. Then see if it comes back next year. Many times, the weather in a given year promotes diseases that never show up in most other years. The cool damp conditions in the East may have caused this this year. Winterberry can get anthranose, but that's typically a spring disease, and the leaf spotting is various colors, but not usually black. If the disease persists and becomes more severe next year, take a sample into a cooperative extension office for a diagnosis.

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