Why does my Mexican Buckeye have brown leaf tips?

Hi, I just planted a newly bought Mexican Buckeye seedling (about 7" in height) and have started noticing that the edges of the leaves are turning brown. Also, very small brown spots are forming in the middle of the leaves. The instructions I got said not to overwater the tree. So, I've allowed the pot to dry out in between waterings. Is this not enough? Should it be practically bone dry before I water it. I've heard that brown tips are a sign of underwatering though. So I'm confused now.

Submitted by csingl2

See answer below.

Answered by DSchrock

Mexican buckeye (Ungnadia speciosa) does prefer dry condtions in the landscape. However, when growing it in a container, treatment will need to be a bit different. Because containers dry out so quickly, you may need to water it frequently, especially when temperatures are high and humidity is low. I suspect that the brown tips and brown spots are from excess drying. Allow the soil to dry to the touch on the surface before watering again, but avoid letting the container soil get too dry.

Answered by DSchrock

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