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What is the best way to plant a live Christmas tree in the yard after the holidays?

I want to have a live Christmas tree that I can plant in the yard after the holidays. What is the best way to do that?
Submitted by BHGPhotoContest

Success with a live Christmas tree requires some advance planning and cooperative weather. If you live in an extremely cold part of the country, your chances of success are diminished. Dig a planting hole for the tree before the ground freezes. Store the soil in a garage or shed where it won't freeze, or cover it with a thick layer of mulch or leaves to reduce the chance of freezing. You might also want to fill the hole with mulch or leaves to keep the surrounding soil from freezing.


Choose a healthy tree from a nursery or garden center. Keep the tree outside until just a few days before the holidays. Water to keep the root ball moist, and use mulch to protect the root ball from freezing. Move the tree to the garage or a covered porch a few days before bringing it indoors. When you move the tree inside, keep it as cool as possible to prevent it from beginning growth. Leave it indoors for no more than a few days. Be sure the root ball stays moist but not waterlogged. Plant the tree as soon as possible after the holidays. Follow good planting procedures: Water it in thoroughly and mulch heavily.

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My parents did this every year. The tree came into the house on Dec. 24th and went back outside on Dec. 26th. Decorating our tree was part of the Christmas eve festivities, and it smelled so wonderful. After Christmas, Dad planted it in the yard. We had a beautiful "wall" of trees along the side of our suburban NJ yard, each tree a few feet taller than the younger tree next to it. It's a family tradition I treasure.
Submitted by miller.squared1
In 1993 we bought a 3' pine tree that we put in a pot and decorated for Christmas. We planted it soon after Christmas in our front yard near the sidewalk. It is now 20-25' and we string white lights on each Christmas. We've received many compliments from our neighbors on how beautiful that tree is; and we agree.
Submitted by tai2090632
I agree that it's not that hard to do. I lived in NJ and dug out the hole with a pick ax, dumped the tree in and now it's a 30 foot tall beautiful blue spruce that I admire whenever I pass my old front yard.
Submitted by lcsjogren
Hi from WI! not sure what part of the USA you live, however growing up every year that I can remember my Mom would plant our Christmas right into the ground & the result is we had beautiful, I mean beautiful evergreen trees. Be it Blue Spruce, etc. Hard to believe but it worked....We lived in the country & people would stop & ask my parents where they bought their trees. If I knew how I would post pictures so you could see it. It can be done & it works....
Submitted by snoki3rodriguez
We planted live trees after Christmas for 22 years.They grew beautifully.We lived on Long Island then.Your location may not be right.Any LOCAL nursery will have the answer for you. Good luck
Submitted by margotvdh