What is the best way to grow camellias and azaleas?

My camellias get many buds, but only one or two open. The rest turn brown and hard. In spring and summer the shrubs get morning sun and afternoon shade. I also have difficulty keeping azaleas alive in the same bed. What's up?
Submitted by BHGPhotoContest

Because your azaleas won't grow either, my guess is that your soil isn't acidic enough. Both species need acidic soil. Test your soil to determine its pH. Once you know the soil pH, make the necessary adjustments. (Sulfur is typically used to lower soil pH.) Also, feed your camellias in early spring with a fertilizer designed especially for acid-loving plants. If the shrubs are next to the house, the soil may be alkaline because of minerals leaching from concrete-based construction materials. If that's the case, move the shrubs away from the house into a protected bed that gets morning sun. Amend the area with organic matter, and set the crown a bit high in the soil.

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I have acidic soil because of the pines around my property, my question is do I plant azaleas in full sun ,full shade or 1/2 sun andshade
Submitted by clover.clee