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What is the best way to dry hydrangeas for indoor use?

I love the way dried hydrangeas look in arrangements. What is the best way to dry the flowers for indoor use?
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Hydrangeas are easy to air-dry-they do the work for you! Cut hydrangea flowers at any stage from green to brown, depending on what color you want in your arrangements. Most people have the best luck cutting flowers that have been allowed to dry a bit on the plant. Remove all foliage from the cut stems. Hang the stems upside down individually in a warm, dry, airy spot until they are completely dry. Wrap the flower heads in tissue paper for protection before drying if you prefer. You can get double duty from your hydrangea flowers by enjoying them as cut flowers in a vase, then allowing them to air-dry by adding no more water to the vase once the initial fill is gone. If these techniques seem like too much bother, simply allow the flowers to dry on the plant, then pick them when you are ready to make your arrangement.

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