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I live in zone 5. Planted a weeping cherry two years ago on south east corner of house. Sandy soil. It shows it still has some growth but not much. It will get a few new branches and leaves, then leaves start dying. It had very few flowers last year but none this year. We have had cold springs the last two years with some late frost. Some weeping cherries did great this year around this area and some did not flower. Any suggestions. I hate to just give up. Thank you
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Late spring frosts can certainly affect the amount of flowering on weeping cherries, but if the tree is growing poorly otherwise, some other problem must be involved. Check the main trunk and area near the ground line for damage. Look for sunken bark, an oozing exudate, holes in the trunk, stripped bark, or anything else out of the ordinary. Your tree may have borers, have suffered sunscald injury, or there may be damage to the root system.

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