weeds on new planting area

I have this area, about 5x6' that I want to use for planting herbs, tomatoes, etc.... but it is full of weeds, I would like to use a weed killer, one which I know it will rid of them, but I'm afraid that would also destroy the soil.. can I still use it, and if I do, how much of "new" soil do I have to put in? would 2" do?
Submitted by bcambero

Hi, Well in such a small area I think I would simply hand pull and hoe out all the existing weeds rather than using any kind of herbicide. Then, I'd cover the soil with two to three inches of fresh soil, rotted manure, compost, etc and till everything in. Rake it smooth, removing any remaining weeds or weed roots (remember it's essential you get the roots of the weeds as well as the tops). After the surface is raked smooth, go ahead and plant. THen, as soon as you see new plants (if growing from seed) or after  you set out your transplants of things like tomatoes and peppers, add several inches of mulch between the plants. Oak straw, grass clippings or even newspaper covered with a little straw to keep it from blowing around will work. Then the only weeds you should see are those that sprout up right against your crops and you can hand pull them.

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Thanks for the prompt reply/advise.... I'll do my best to get all the roots out, it is incredible how hard and strong some of these root weeds are.
Submitted by bcambero