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viburnum opulus roseum and thuya occidentalis - pro or con for near foundation?

I have planted a viburnum opulus roseum about 3 feet away from my foundation and a thuya occidentalis (globe cedar) about 2 feet from said foundation. Do these make good foundation plants or will they get too deeply rooted and cause damage to the house? What is advisable in terms of space between these shrubs and the foundation?
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Neither Viburnum nor Thuja have particularly invasive roots, so they are fine for planting near a foundation. It is advisable to give them enough space to reach their full size without  having the branches rub against the house, however. The viburnum can reach a spread of 12 to 14 feet, so it should be planted about half that distance from the house. Thuja occidentalis has many cultivars, so it depends on which one you have as to how large it will grow.

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