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Underplanting for limbed pines

My home is located on an acre rectangular plot surrounded by pines. The septic system is located on the south side. I'm currently converting the pasture to lawn over the septic. Would like to know what to plant under the pines? I eventually want to put wandering borders around this area. My neighbor has a 60 ft. redwood next to my fence. It's wiping out my pear tree. So same problem. There is heavy needle drop. What can I do?
Submitted by BHGPhotoContest

Sadly, there's nothing you can grow directly underneath pines, spruces or redwoods. We often recommend using pots of shade-loving annuals to add color, but otherwise, you'll have to get by with the needles acting as a ground cover. You can grow plants away from the drip line or outside perimeter of the trees, but nothing directly underneath. For planting ideas near, but not under your trees, you can do an Advanced Search on our Plant Encyclopedia on this site and get a list of plants you could grow nearby.

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