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umbrella plant or shrub

umbrella plant, is this a indoor plant or outside shrub, and how to care for it blgreen58
Submitted by bettgreen12345

Hi, Well the term umbrella plant is used on a number of different species (the problem with common names) so i can't be sure which one you are referring to. The plant I think of as umbrella plant is a semi-aquatic plant in the papyrus family. It can grow indoors or out as long as it's in water or moist soil. Do you know what else your plant might be called? Did it come with a plant tag?

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No it is not my plant but my friends and I identified it by the leaves and this is indoors quuite tall maybe 3ft her dog seems to be ok but she wanted to know. hers is not as bushy as the one pictured but the leaves are the same
Submitted by lcjm861