Twisted Stem Hibiscus-3 ft.tall

Last year I purchased (2) beautiful hibiscus plants (container potted) with multi-colors flowers, non stop blooming. I had them outside, doing very well. I live in zone 5, so as the cold weather approach, I brought them inside..still blooming..during the winter months...I only received just leaves (thinking it was dormant time. Now it's spring..and the branches are nothing (it looks dead. Did I need to do something more. I have them outside (still in pots) getting plenty of sun &!
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Thanks for writing. Did you hibiscus have leaves before you moved them outside? If so, the problem is probably sunburn --- the leaves inside weren't used to getting sun, so when you move them out, they burned and fell off. If this is the case, then the new growth should adjust to the sun better and your plants will recover. Feeding them with a general-purpose garden fertilizer should help them look better faster.

If the plants lost their leaves during the winter and never grew them back, then they may be dead. One test is to gently scratch the woody part of a stem with your fingernail. If it's green underneath, the plant is alive. If it's not, your hibiscus may be dead.

---Justin, Senior Garden Editor,

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