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Trees for windy backyard

I live in Minnesota (zone 4), and have a wide open field (farm field) behind my house. What type of trees can I plant to help block the wind from the wide open field? I will also need protection in the cold winter from strong winds. I would also like fast growing trees. Thank you!
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Plant a variety of species to create a windbreak; the diversity will protect the planting from a complete wipe-out if a new pest or disease comes through. The following evergreen trees are good for windbreaks and are medium-to-fast growers; eastern red cedar, Douglas fir, concolor fir, Norway spruce, Colorado spruce, red pine, and white pine. Fast-growing deciduous trees for windbreaks include poplar, cottonwood, silver maple, and hackberry. If you have space, plant rows of large shrubs, too. Dogwoods, Viburnums, Sumac, lilac, and ninebark are all durable and fast growing. Finally, my favorite is Amur maple because of its spectacular fall color.

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