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I have recently bought very inexpensive trees and shrubs from loews. My backyard is void of trees and bushes,except around the deck. 2 garbage trees. I bought 5 trees 1 oak 2 maples 2 blue spruces 1 pink bud. I'm on a corner lot 1/2 acre. I have south, north exposure. It gets very hot in summer. very cold and biting winds in winter. I need protection from elements. I need help! Sydney
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Hi Sydney,

To take best advantage of your plants' qualities, I'd consider siting the oak and maples on the south or west side of your home. That way it can shade your house and keep it cooler in summer. And it loses its leaves, so you'll have the sun hitting your house in winter, helping to warm it a tiny bit.

The spruces, on the other hand would probably be better on the east or north side of your house so they can provide a winter windbreak.

And the redbud is more flexible since it's a small tree. You might think about putting that to the west or south of a deck or patio where it can provide a little shade.

---Justin, Senior Garden Editor,

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