Transplanting a Crape Myrtle

I planted a Arapaho Crape Myrtle last year about this time and it had green leaves during the summer and now has turned a bright red but it did not grow in height. Should I transplant the crape myrtle to a better sight? It gets full sun but I'm afraid the dirt is hard clay. I amended the soil with compost and keep it well watered. I really want this crape myrtle to survive but I don't know if I should move it to a better location or wait another year. Any suggestions?
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When plants are planted in a new site, there is commonly an initial period where they grow very little. Trees, for example, may stand in a new site for several years without any obvious new growth. (The transplant-shock period is longer for larger-caliper trees, and shorter for smaller, younger trees.) They take time to establish their root systems in their new site. It sounds like your full-sun site is ideal, and you amended the soil at planting time to make the site's soil more hospitable. Unless you need to move it, I think transplanting it would only be a setback for the Crapemyrtle's growth.

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